The show is finally over.
All the preparation was worth it.
Catch the coverage of the show in Channel 30.

 Just wanna thank the sponsors of this show
(GT Cosmetics, Myra E, Cafe+,
Goldberry suites, White Gold, PSACC
Sea Olympus, and Margarita Queen)
for making this all possible and everyone else.

My design for the winter theme?
Thanks to Celine Borromeo for being my model!

leatherette, lace, spandex, rhinestones.
for a classy winter gown.

I might not be as gorgeous as my model,
but I just had to have  a pic!

A picture with my design and model.
(Celine on the left, Me on the right)

Can't wait to organize the next show!
December? Here we come.

Seasons Layout.

Credits to Kirah Lampinez for helping me with the Layout.
and to Noel Fernandez for the beautiful picture.

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