Went to the blocking for THE SEASONS FASHION SHOW in this piece.
School turned out to be extremely humid..
But atleast the outfit made my day better.

Just tried out a whole different look.
not used to it.
once in a while thing ><


First Fashion Show

My first October show ever? 
The challenge was unconventional materials. 
The skirt of my dress was made out of garbage bags and tuille. 
Paired of with a halter top out of lace.

But in the 2nd photo, the skirt was then changed to tarps
due to the rules of a competition.

This dress is so spammed,
and I'm gonna miss it.
In the condition its in now?
I dont know how much longer it can last..

(Ft. Charmaine *top right* and Julia from Jacks
*bottom*, AND Emy *top left*)



4 Seasons, 1 Show.

The day is almost up and there's so much to do.
The October show, an annual show in the University of San Carlos
for the Fashion Design Students.

This year it's entitled 
and was organised by myself and a couple of other officers

To be held in The Oakridge Pavilion,
on Oct 4, 2013; 7PM

If only you knew the back story
to the whole planning process.

Thanks to all the sponsors for our upcoming event.

Final Poster, with sure list of sponsors.

To all my classmates...
Its almost D-Day Girls *ehem*


Garden thing?

Had a meeting before I left.
and you know those moments when you just don't know what to wear
 and you see a dress or a top
then immediately you can picture out your outfit?
thats what I had..


A polo from Cache Cache
A dress from Terranova
Heels from Nine West
and A necklace I found in my moms collection :>


Feeling A Little Evil

Just like the old days,
Decided to go back and go dark.

Again with the maroon.
Again with the skulls.
Don't judge. :)

Anyways, #JACK decided to do Chillin' Like A Villain.
And this was my outfit.

Top from Forever21
Shoes from 5CM
Pants from Oxygen
and Necklace? DIY



Trying for the Cute Look

Not really the cute type of person, hence the earrings.
But just to be different, you know?

Thanks to JACKS for the theme.
Check out our blog!

You know since I'm from Cebu and all...
This amount of layers? not recommendable.
But I survived!

(Click the title and Hype!)



All this time, I've always wanted to try having a blog.
If it werent for JACKS, I wouldn't be giving this a shot.
Well here goes.

This is a design I made last year for a fashion show themed steam punk in our school.
By the way, the necklace and the wings are DIY.
(left to right: Joey Villahermosa, Me)