Mr & Ms CAFA

It's been a while guys.
A super late post for all of you.

Anyways, we were asked to do some styling for the event in our school, CAFA (College of Architecture and Fine Arts).
Here's the result of my first official styling. Sorry if it's kinda "newb"


Almost Back To School

It's almost back to school.
So I decided to go for a look that reminded me of just that.
Haven't worn my kicks in a while,
so I decided that today will be the day.

I went for a high waist navy blue skirt
and tied a plaid polo around my waist to give it a slimming effect
but also to add detail to my outfit.

To match that I put on a yellow crop top I haven't worn in a while.
Then my kicks and striped socks from
Muji just to make it look a little cuter.

Thanks to my mom.
My beautiful Photographer for the day.
Just taught her how to use the cam. :)

She doesnt know I took this picture. shhh!


Just Another Lazy Day

Sembreak is almost over for me.

And sadly, my "photographer" is busy as well 
with secret stuff I'm not allowed to mention.
Dont worry though, nothing illegal.

Anyways, It's been a while since my last post.
Such a waste of outfits.
I couldn't take the waste of outfits anymore
The Ultimate Selfie.

Wore this outfit today and had yet another car ride with those amazing 'What If" moments
 I always get when I'm that situation.

My converse never fails me

Shorts from Forever 21

Never wore these shorts outside the house until today,
I used them for sleep but I thought it was such a waste.



"If you can't hang then
theres the door baby.

..If you're such a pretty,
pretty, pretty, face.
But you turn into a pretty
big waste of my time"

One of my favorite bands

When I saw this shirt on Ze'Publiq
I just.. I couldnt resist. I had to have it.
Finally! I got to wear it.

It's been a while since my last OOTD.
So here we go.
Not my usual look.
but yeah.

Credits to my dad for the shot <3



It may be sembreak,
but ive been dying to try on the camo jeans
with my boots
just to see if it worked.

it did?

Check it out. :)

Shot taken in Ayala, Outside Red Mango.
Credits to Kirah Lampinez

Had a shot with Kira too.
....Cause..... we forced her to change. (*evil)
anyways! Doesn't she just look adorable?
Credits to the Chy closet.


A break?

Such a waste,
I wasn't able to have a pic of my first two outfits for sembreak.
but doncha worry.
I'll find a way *wink

It's finally sembreak for us
college kids..
no more outfit rules for a while!

bumped into Jacks in Ayala.
and guess what?
we matched?

esp. Kirah and I!

Sorry for the quality guys, all I had was an Iphone.
thank God for the lighting,
saved majority of the shot.


Easy On The Eyes

So I stole my dads cam,
and I dont know how to set the timer...
therefore! the obvious selfie.

Trying my best not to look haggard,
So i went for a simple look
and just played around with the colors.